Financial and technical solution specialists

At Finecta, we have decades of in-depth financial, technical and development experience which makes us the go-to choice for your bespoke financial solution.

Decades of in-depth financial, technical and development experience.

Our experience makes us the go-to choice for your bespoke financial solution.

From API-driven financial-data integration solutions to fully scalable & secure Trade Finance platforms.

We have helped everyone from small FinTech to global banks.

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Custom Connection Use Cases

Finecta’s fully API-driven platform enables financial-institutions, auditors, insurers & platforms to connect directly to their customers open-accounting systems.

Directly integrate these API’s yourself or connect with us and let’s build together.

Automation of invoice & purchase-order matching

Finecta plays a pivotal role in bolstering the Kanexa SupplierPay platform, collaborating with Kanexa to develop a highly-secure and scalable front-end application.

Invoice Insurance with Real-Time Risk Management

Finecta provides solution to the Trade Credit Risk Insurance industry allowing SMEs to automatically insure invoices against buyer insolvency.

Trade Finance investment & portfolio management

Working closely with Petra, Finecta developed a new trade finance investment and portfolio management interface.

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