Building a Financial Data Eco-System

An award-winning company delivering Financial APIs built by  developers for developers. Where “Finance” truly meets “Tech”.

Our mission to make it super-easy to connect data

Building show-stopping platforms & applications

Finecta are on a mission to make it super-easy to build show-stopping platforms & applications using our connect-once to connect-to-many integrated API’s.

As the name suggests, “Finecta” is the coming-together of Financial, Integration & Connectivity. We are passionate about creating an ecosystem of partners & developers that integrate, and rely on the data that we collect & deliver.

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Security first

We understand the importance of data security. All our data is fully encrypted during transmission & storage, and we employ industry-standard API authentication across the Finecta domain.

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Built to scale

Our “Connect Once to Connect to Many” philosophy ensures that granular transaction data from any Open Accounting platform is easily accessible. This allows us to seamlessly onboard thousands of corporates regardless of the accounting technology they’re using!

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API integration

Our partner APIs make integrating real-time Open-Accounting data from your customers easy. Explore our API documentation to discover what you can incorporate into your platforms.

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Custom solutions

All our connection solutions are fully customisable to ensure they meet the needs of your business.

Explore Our API’s

Our ethos is to connect-once to connect-to-many. What this actually means is that all of your customers’ Open Accounting data can be accessed through one standardised API. It doesn’t matter what source it comes from (XLS/CSV to Sage to Xero to Quickbooks) you will always retrieve it as one structured API response.

All of our APIs have been developed with external integration in mind – These can be viewed here and are automatically updated and versioned as we release more functionality.

We are also consumers of our own APIs, to drive the many solutions and integrations for our partners, so we understand how easy & performant they need to be.

We eat our own dogfood”

What can I do with the APIs?

Well, the best way to answer this is to consider what some of our partners are doing.. And it’s a lot! Here’s a short list to get you thinking…

Seamlessly onboard thousands of corporates regardless of the accounting technology they’re using!

Ready to take the next step?

Access our online Git Repository to download front-end UI SDKs and back-end API integration SDKs to get you started

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