Finecta and Trade Credit Insurance

Finecta provides solution to the Trade Credit Risk Insurance industry allowing SMEs to automatically insure invoices against buyer insolvency.
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Invoice Insurance with Real-Time Risk Management

Partnering with some of the leading Trade Credit Insurance platforms, Finecta introduces real-time Risk Monitoring and Credit Limit Adjustment.

By embedding Finecta’s Open-Accounting API’s, our leading TCI partners are able to consume customer invoices & payments to automatically adjust credit-limit availability – In real-time!

Finecta’s intuitive connectivity means that invoices & payments raised in any of the leading Open-Accounting platforms (such as Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, Freshbooks & Zoho) are immediately delivered into the insurers’ risk platform to adjust the limits available.

Additionally, we are now also able to deliver real-time insurance positions back to the SME directly in their accounting platforms. Ensuring the SME has full confidence to trade, knowing they will be paid if their buyer is unable to.

“The ability to integrate real-time transactions, directly from a customers accounting system, enables insurance providers to maintain constant monitoring of position & risk. Integration of Finecta’s APIs provides exactly this no matter what accounting platform is being used. The ability for the SME to see their insurance limits available, and increase them when needed, provides much needed assurance to trade confidently.”
Marcus Wade, Chief Operating Officer, Finecta

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