Ambitious growth plans kick off with rebrand for trade finance connectivity specialist

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Finecta team

Trade finance connectivity specialist The Little Coding Company has been rebranded as Finecta as part of a growth plan that aims to empower global B2B lenders reach more SME customers.

Since its inception in 2019, the business has developed Gateway 2 Finance, a world class data engine, and is collaborating with numerous finance enablers including Marco Polo Network, biz.Clarency and CommerceWorks.

Finecta’s technology plugs into business management and accounting platforms such as QuickBooks, Xero, Microsoft and Sage, providing lenders with access to real-time borrower data and SMEs with the tools and confidence to access and control invoice and trade finance.     

Commenting on the rebrand, Finecta Chief Executive Andrew Berti said the rebrand represents a natural evolution of the company as it scales up. 

He said: “The last three years have been a fascinating time to develop a business centred around enabling SMEs to better manage their cash flow and access the finance they need to grow. During this time, we have delivered a solid proposition in Gateway 2 Finance, which is built on a single integration principle and is complemented by our customised product capabilities. 

These combined features allow our partners to quickly and seamlessly add highly dependable modern invoice and trade finance technology into their platforms, opening up new routes to credit for more SMEs.”   

Berti added: “During the next 12 months, we will be launching partnerships with a range of financial ecosystems to bring more lenders and SMEs the benefits of our technology. Our new name and brand is central to that mission as we grow market awareness of how to deliver simplified, frictionless lender-borrower user journeys.” 

Designed to enable lenders to deliver rapid portfolio expansion and supercharge cash flow and growth ambitions among borrowers, Finecta’s Gateway 2 Finance data engine allows financers to review customers’ payables and receivables and offer credit and bill paying options through SME accounting platforms. 

The technology also gives lenders real-time access to trading history, helping to inform instant, risk-based decisions, while providing a direct connection to customers to allow up-to-the minute data validation.  

Alongside Gateway 2 Finance, Finecta creates customised finance tools to empower businesses to bring innovation to new markets.

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