supplier payment efficiencies

Effortlessly connect your customers’ accounting data together and start making smarter financial decisions. 

Reducing barriers to quick & efficient payments

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Seamless connections

We understand the importance of seamless connections between supplier & Partner ERP systems to collect and standardise granular accounting transactions.

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Time saving efficiencies

Our connections automatically match buyer purchase orders, supplier invoices and logistic partner delivery.

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API integration

Our partner APIs make integrating real-time Open-Accounting data from your customers easy. Explore our API documentation to discover what you can incorporate into your platforms.

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Custom solutions

All our connection solutions are fully customisable to ensure they meet the needs of your business.

Get connected!

Our white-labelled connection workflow is super easy and secure. Sign up, Invite, and Connect to your customers’ Open Accounting platforms.

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Sign up to Finecta

Simply create a free partner account to get started & access your partner portal. Then choose your Open Account integrations and get connected.

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Invite your customers

Send branded email invitations to your customers to authorise & confirm secure connection.

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Let us do the rest

That’s it! Sit back while Finecta automatically collects historic transactional accounting data. We’ll inform you and your customer when it’s complete.

Connections made simple, secure and to scale

Security first

We understand the importance of data security, which is why our platform is built on the most robust security protocols.

All data is fully encrypted during transmission & storage. We employ top-notch industry-standard API authentication across the whole Finecta domain.

Built to scale

Our platform architecture standardises all data collected from the world’s leading accounting platforms and delivers it through one simple, yet powerful API. Our philosophy of “Connect Once to Connect to Many” ensures that granular transaction data from any Open-Accounting platform is easily accessible.

Seamlessly onboard thousands of corporates regardless of the accounting technology they’re using!

Ready to take the next step?

A partnership with us provides seamless connectivity to your customer’s finances.